Monday, August 12, 2013


It is no secret that Boston is heavily populated with tourist, especially during the summertime. And after working alongside the dock, at the Children's Museum for 3 years, it begins to feel like taking a tour of the United Nations. However, this is perfect, as I love interacting with people and learning about other cultures. For these reasons, it is always a pleasure working at Children's!

Me showing a small green crab to my new French friends!
My sister, Anicia, and I are fascinated by languages, so every time we are exposing families to the Boston Harbor, and pick up on an accent, we always try to figure out where there are from. This summer we have interacted with families from: Columbia, Jamaica, France, England, Scotland, Austria, Nigeria, and Germany!

Wow, those are a lot of accents to discover. Last Thursday I spoke worked with a friendly French family. Their son was extremely excited to fish, and observe our aquarium filled with crabs and fish!

Explaining the Harbor to a French family

My limited French vocabulary did not mix too well with the lovely family whom spoke primarily French. However, I was able to ask Miriam, who speaks Haitian Creole to communicate with the family.

Working for Save the Harbor provides us all will great opportunities to broaden our horizons in ways you would not necessarily have taught!

She held the crab!
P.S: I accurately guess a person's accent 98 percent correct while Anicia is about 85 percent accurate! We still have a few weeks to go!

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