Friday, August 23, 2013

Brave Girl!

Today I worked at the Children's Museum. Everyday I always try to find or do something that I have never done before, but the longer I work with Save the Harbor Save the Bay the harder it becomes to do something new. I have done and experienced so many different things these past three summers, but today I met a really cool person.

Mia is three years old, and is certainly the bravest child I have worked with this summer. She spotted the touch tank a mile away and sprinted towards it. My requests to slow down meant nothing to her, as seeing what was inside the tank was her top priority.

Me: Hi, what's your name?
Me: Can I show you how to hold them?

Meanwhile Mia already dived both of her hands into the tank! She showed no sign of fear whatsoever! I grabbed a crab and showed her the proper way to hold a crab without getting pinched!

Then she grew less interested in the touch tanks and darted towards the fishing robs screaming, "Fishing fishing!!!" I showed her the few simple steps for fishing off the docks, and she was beyond psyched!

Her attitude was so upbeat and positive. It was really refreshing to help guide her through handling crabs and fishing rods!

I love my job :)

Karrisha Gillespie

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