Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Striper On!!!!

Will here, with good news about the CHV fishing trip. It was the second time this summer we had taken a group of kids from the camp out on The Belle with Captain Charlie and his crew. This month was a new group of kids in fishing club and it wasn't bad reteaching all the same skills we had done for the first group. With less kids on the boat this time it made it a lot easier for us to help each camper individually.

 We had an amazing start to the day with one of the campers, Tristen, who reeled in a great 29in. Striped Bass. It was the first fish of the day and got everyone really excited. After that we only pulled in two other small Bluefish and used them as bait. But that striper was a great catch with a good fight for Tristen. At the end of the trip Tom filleted the fish as the campers watched his delicate knife work. A lucky few took pieces of the fillet home, planning on having it for dinner. 

Tristen, Tom, and Captain Charlie holding up that days prize 
I had a great day and I know the campers did too. There was no one left out that day, having all the kids doing some activity on the boat. We had those not wanting to fish upfront talking with Manuel about sea animals and harbor history. So the day went as planned, with everyone having the best time they could out on the Belle. I wish we could take the kids out on another trip before the summer ends but we still have this last week with them.

Manuel and I debating with the campers on which species of sharks are the best

-Will Conroy

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