Friday, August 16, 2013

The Boston Harborwalk.

         last Saturday we took Larry somewhere special. Larry was chilling in the cooler at langone park for family pride day.
 I check on Larry 

  Langone Park is a recreation park designed in 1894 for multiple purposes, including having the nations first public benches. As you walk by you can see a large baseball court then a wide swimming pool, a sign telling the Langone Park history, and Italian bowling courts where you can watch bowlers of all ages enjoying the game. Nearby the park there is an indoor recreational Ice Skating rink and a drinking fountain.
Together we are one

The Langone Park view was beautiful you can see people in their boat are waving for us.Free cheeseburger, water, Hot dogs and bags of chips were served. Everybody got a chance to set up their table and presenting something,the only Staffs who didn't have a table were the zoo people they come with all kind of animal even goat and pigs were there. Kids were running to the petting zoo staff. The only part who had a big crow of people was the petting zoo staff. I was in the crown too, I couldn't wait to hold the chicken and those lovely rabbit. The bands were signing good song kids were playing drum and guitar.I think Save the harbor/ Save the bay staffs had fun in the family pride day at langone park. I hold a rabbit  and a chicken.I love animals.
My favorite bunny

I had a hot dog and a bag of chip then some water. Although, Larry couldn't stay long we have to get rid of him so we did. The journey was almost over and day like that come once or twice in a year. I wish that day was ever end everrrrrrr....

Here some things that you can do at langone park.
- Walk your dog
- Have a picnic
-Go swimming
-Go fishing
-Enjoy nature
-Play with the kids.

What would you find.
-Fishing Pier
- Softball field
-Water fountain
- Seating.

Take the orange line train from forest hill to oak grove get off at north Station you can walk there for 8 minutes to commercial street and your destination will be in your right.

See you soon .

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