Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fishing Tournament

  Normally, we always have good weather for fishing and crabbing, but Thursday and Friday weren't very good at all. It was raining and a little bit cold. On Thursday there was a competition through out all of the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay Staff, the competition was to get a big fish and the team who got the biggest fish wins a prize.Therefore, we started to split up into teams to get ready to battle. My team and I tried hard to catch a fish and our boat driver saw on his screen a big fish coming toward my hook. I felt something and my line started to shake. I instantly hooked the fish and rolled my fishing line so I could see my fish. In the time it took for me to reel in the fish another animal passed by and ate the fish and only left the head on the hook. In my opinion, I can only predict that it might have been a shark that took my fish. It was cold and raining so we all went inside discouraged and hoped to catch another one again. We kept trying and trying again and again until we got nothing.

But at the end of the day we became strong again and we believed that one day we will get a big fish. When we got to land, we ate some food that was waiting for us and talked with the other teams about how their trips went. A Save the Harbor/Save the Bay picture was taken, even though it wasn't our staff who had caught those two big looking Striped Bass.

Save the Harbor/Save the Bay
Friday it started to rain pretty early in the morning and the temperature was a little bit down around 50 degrees or 54 degrees.  We were at Community Boating ready to get some activities started with the kids, but because of the rain we only had one kid that was with us for the Charles River Explorers class.We played games, answering yes or no questions, and talked about other events that happened in the bottom of the ocean. Suddenly, a debate started. The question was who will  win in a race a shark or a killer whale? Think about it, both animals are big, eat the same food, swim fast, and have lots of energy. Unfortunately, I am not giving my answer, what do you think you would pick?

Until next time-
                                                                      Myriam Annie Desir.

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