Monday, August 26, 2013

Sad to Say Goodbye

I had a great time at save the harbor save the bay this summer.  I had good time with all my coworkers and all the sites I have been to.  It was an amazing experience for me!  I also had lots of fun at the office joking around and getting to know everyone better.  A special thanks to Bruce and Patty for giving me this opportunity once again. This summer I learned to get my confidence up.  Also I think I got better at Wiffle ball so I know I'll get pick first next time. And I had fun playing all the other sports on the island. What I'm most proud of this summer is that I finally caught a fish, that's one thing I haven't had luck on. The kids on AABH were really cool and nice. I know the kids had fun because they were hanging with me. Well this is the end of the summer love you all but good bye.
This summer was a home run

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