Thursday, August 8, 2013

Staff Day at Spectacle Island

Hi Everyone,

This past Monday the Save the Harbor staff were able to spend the day at Spectacle Island. We started the day off from Long Wharf where we took a ferry over to Spectacle Island. Once we arrived at the island the fun began. Before lunch a group of us decided to head up to the meadow to play a game of wiffle ball. After playing a few innings we switched to kick ball. 

Once kick ball started the level of competition rose. The first game of kickball was  lopsided on the score board.  Even though my team lost we still were having a great time on Spectacle Island. After the first kick ball game the staff and I headed down to the docks where we had lunch with Bruce and Patty. Bruce and Patty docked their boat and provided us with a great lunch of hot dogs, chips, fruit, and  cookies. 
The Save the Harbor Summer Staff 

When we finished lunch, it was time for a rematch in kick ball. This game was much closer than the first one game we played. This game went back in forth until finally the opposing team pulled away with the victory. Even though my team and I weren't able to win a game, we still had a fun time. 
My Awesome Kickball team!

Sarah and I waiting for the ferry back to Boston.
Now it was time to catch the ferry back to Boston. As we approached the bottom of the Island, we didn't see any ferries at the dock.  As we waited for the ferry to arrive Bridget looked at her ticket to see that our ticket was for the 2:25p and the time was now 2:45p. We thought our ferry was at 2:50p realizing the ticket was for 2:25 we had to wait until 3:55p for the next ferry back to Boston.

Even though we missed our original ferry back into town, the rest of the day was terrific!  



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