Sunday, August 11, 2013

In the Kingdom of the sick.

         Friday morning, I woke up suddenly I felt a headache and itchy throat,I did not take that seriously so I said maybe I am starting to be allergic to the sea.Then,it still continue on and on.. Until Sunday I felt a terrible fever. I went to the doctor and everything went back to normal.

  Monday early in the morning, my parents was checking on me to see how am felling. I ate and I go back to bed. By 7 am, I missed my Save the Harbor/Save the bay staffs.Therefore, I sneak out in the house take the train  to go to work. In the train I have that bad feeling that when my parents is going to looking for me they will go crazy because they won't find me. As long as I am thinking good things that is going to happened to me bad things just pop-out. I angrily said you know what I don't care if bad things happened to me I am just showing respect to my work.
Sorry Bruce and Patty for being late, but I have sneak in to come having fun even though I am sick.

   I got to work late and the boat left me, Bridget and Kiana behind. Bridget heard me sick and she wanted to sent me back home and I answering her don't worry I can make it. I am strong.Then we took the water taxi it was good and fast but I got wet a little bit. We were taking beautiful picture but somehow, we felt like we are tiny in the boat that what is funny about the taxi boat if you were tall you going to feel like you are short.It was bad for me I was coughing and the worst thing is I can't even laugh vihn was making fun of me because I can't laugh.
This is the green water taxi that took us to spectacle Island.

 The beautiful water taxi dropped us at Spectacle Island.Food,fruit and drink were served to us because it was Staff's day.I had Hotdogs, some grappe fruit, cheese and snack also a bottle of water.We were taking picture, making some good jokes and enjoying ourself with Bruce and Patty. One of the Staffs told me I go to swim in the salt water it could cure me. I putted my swimsuit on and ready to got cure .Guess what hapenned to me? I got sick more. When I got home, my mom was really mad and Started to yelled at me and my dad was looking me like I really don't know what I am doing.
Thank you Bruce and Patty for take care of us. We love you.

   Tuesday morning, I really didn't want to go in the kitchen getting breakfast because I know I will be coughing more and my parents are downstairs in the kitchen waiting for me to get breakfast.I made it to the kitchen without coughing, they were speaking to me all my answer was humhum, humhum. yes mom, yes dad. I didn't want to talk because I hid all of my cough in my mouth I quickly run to the bathroom coughing and they touched my forehead and they felt that my temperature is a little bit hot they gave me something and they sentenced to me you are not going to work until you feel better. My mom stay in the front of my bed to make sure I am calling sick and I said I am texting my mom I show her that I sent the text.
What a beautiful day at Spectacle.

Thank you again readers.

Until next time. Peace.


                                                                               Myriam Annie Desir

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