Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Fishing Trip Fun !

Posing with some the great CHV campers
Hey everyone Manny, here! Just wanted to share this awesome photo of me and a few of the kids from Camp Harbor View, and the fun time we had on the fishing trip. Besides spending lots of time fishing we also talked about a lot of interesting things while on the boat, for example what some of our favorite sea creatures were, and which ones were the most interesting. A lot of the kids said the shark was there favorite, but also a lot of them said dolphins were there favorite, so throughout a majority of the boat ride there was a long debate on whether sharks or dolphins are better.

In deep discussion with John and the campers
 As we continued throughout the harbor looking for schools of striped bass or bluefish to catch, one of the kids caught a small bluefish while getting into a deep conversation with another camper about why sharks are better then dolphins. As the last statement was made she was reeling in her line and she felt a tug as the fish shot up and grabbed her rising bait.

- Manny

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