Friday, August 23, 2013

The Perfect Beach Day!

Hey Readers,

I'm back to tell you all about our Beach Day event! Yesterday was so fun, although it was low tide and there were MANY MORE kids than we anticipated! There were fishing, sports, coloring, face painting, and yummy food! Better yet the weather was perfect!

I was located at fishing for most of the time. All of the kids were so energetic and anxious to learn how to fish! Tom, Karrisha, and me all helped about fifty kids learn to fish and cast. Can you just imagine seven fishing rods being shared between over fifty kids?-- no although it was super fun, it was also chaotic.

I have to say the most entertaining part of the day was watching all the kids ask: when was the food was ready, how long was it going to take, or what type of meat the hot dogs were made of, constantly! While passing out the food, I also noticed that at least every child grabbed a vegetable to eat with their food, not just cheese or hot dogs. I was very pleased to see that we, as people, can stay healthy while having fun, eating on a beautiful beach with tempting fast food everywhere! Beach Day was a blast!

                                                      Peace, Love, and Happiness,
                                                                     Anicia Gillespie

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