Friday, August 23, 2013

Goodbye Blog

  This summer has changed my life, it has shown me how to have a work ethic.  Work is not just showing up and playing with kids, it is going back to the office and blogging or spending hours with kids who may not be the most understanding.  I have learned to do things that are not even expected of you because that what work is.  I have created a schedule that is idle for me and I did it through work.  I did not get to visit all of the sites but that is alright because I like where I was.  I really liked all of the Senor Marine Educators because they helped me out when I struggled and helped me out when I was down or tired.
I Don't Lose
  The Boston Children's Museum is my site.  It was my second home this summer, I liked everyone I worked with.  Even though we did not get along all the time the Children's Museum we always got work done.  It was fun and easy the kids loved it all the times.  We caught about 20 crabs a day and a fish if we were lucky.  Thanks god I caught a fish and not just one I caught three in one day, it was not luck.  The fish just came to me the last week I was so happy.  But of course the camera was dead when I had the fish in hand.

Thanks for the great summer,
Chris DiMaggio

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