Friday, August 9, 2013

Blue Cross Meets Save The Harbor

This Wednesday, all of the Blue Cross Blue Shield program participants had the opportunity to go to George's Island. We cleaned the beaches and walked around picking up trash. George's Island was really fun because I had the opportunity to be on the boat and give people plums and it gave me a chance to interact with them. All of the people that went to the island were all really cool and wanted to help keep the island clean.

Blue Cross Blue Shield meets Save the Harbor

At the island I had the chance to be with my friends from Blue Cross that work in different areas. It was really cool showing them a little of what Save the Harbor does. On the island, after we cleaned up, we ate some good burgers from the store. My overall experience was pretty good and if I was asked to return to the island again I would do it with no hesitation.

Keeping George's Island clean!

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