Saturday, August 10, 2013


On Monday, we had a special treat and all the Save the Harbor staff went to Spectacle Island for Staff Day. It was a nice and sunny day, but it wasn't as hot as I had expected. I went to play kick ball with everyone else and, sadly, my team lost, but we all still had the best time! Everyone was enjoying themselves and I was too. It was a staff day to remember because I got to be on an island with everyone that I work with.

Me and KiKi enjoying Staff Day
When I first went swimming, the water was really cold. Whenever I was in the water I could not stop shivering because it was soooo colddddd! I kept on saying that I wasnt going back in the water, but it was just too inviting! Unfortunately, I lost my belly ring ball and I had to stand like a statue holding the ring so it wouldn't fall out. I really enjoyed myself. Thanks to Bruce and Patty for letting us have the best staff day ever!

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