Friday, August 16, 2013

Viet-AID has it made!

My friend Tony and I
This past Tuesday the All Access trip to Spectacle Island was canceled because of the rain. Instead, two groups that were supposed to be on the trip were sent to the Children's Museum to spend some time with the Save the Harbor crew. Since the two groups composed of more than 100 kids the All Access staff were sent to reinforce the normal Children's Museum staff to compensate. Coincidentally, one of the groups that came was named Viet-AID. I knew around seven people in the group, and my coworker Hung knew all of them from volunteering there! It was very nice to see my friends again, especially the ones from school and even one friend from my martial arts class.


Some kids were playing Yugioh so I decided to join them. Yugioh was basically my entire childhood so I was hit by a lot of nostalgia. It made me feel so happy to be able to not only relive my childhood but be on the job and teach kids how to fish and use the crab traps. I even helped out Davis with playing baseball. Later on I played thirteen (a Vietnamese card game) with some Viet-AID kids which was also very lively and fun. I couldn't have thought of a better alternative for that day! 

A game of thirteen
Catch you next time,

Vinh Tran

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