Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Are you ready for Carson Beach?

    Thursday afternoon we went to family fun night at Carson Beach. Amazing things happened. A lot of family brought their kids to Carson Beach to play games, meet new staff, learn more about sea critters, and also dance with the Zumba staff. The Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's Staff brought Larry the lobster, sea stars, and different types of Crabs, like the Spider Crab. Scary right?

holding my old friend
There were 200 marbles released on Carson Beach and the kids were really more interested in finding marbles then anything else. Larry the lobster and his family were in the cooler taking a break. Larry likes it when I hold him, and he puts his antenna in the middle of my hand to show me love. Zumba is my favorite way to get exercise; the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's staffs were dancing with the kids. I loved it.

they have found 2 marbles

   The next day we went back to Community Boating at the Charles River. We had one kid this morning and we went fishing and guess what? All the fish are gone. No fish are left at Charles river so we switched to another spot we could not hear any sounds of nature. There were no birds singing, no waves coming, nothing, which was scary. Anyways, we had a good time at Community Boating.

quiet place

If you want to go fish and explore the river with the Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's Staffs just make a call or visit our site at or also you can visit our office at the Pier 212 Northern Ave. Boston, MA.

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                                   Myriam Annie Desir.                

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