Wednesday, August 7, 2013

New Experiences This Summer

During our Staff Meetings, Bruce asks us to share one thing that we've done this summer that we've never done before. There have been many firsts for me this summer. I was surprised when I was chosen to be a Senior Marine Educator, but it has been a great experience to learn while doing and absorb as much information about the harbor and marine life as I possibly can. I really enjoy working with the Jr. Program Assistants at the Children's Museum to provide a great fishing and crabbing program. I've worked with high school students for the past 4 years, and it's never a dull moment.
Children's Museum JPAs

This is also the first summer that I've fished almost everyday. When I was younger, I fished with my father, but my fishing duties were limited to passing him worms to bait. I never complained about my duties, because I was pretty happy looking out into the ocean view with my pink Barbie fishing pole. Since then I've learned how to bait a line and what type of bait to use, how to tie a weight and hook to a line, how to cast, and how to catch the small blue fish, herring, and pier fish in the channel by the Children's Museum. I've learned a lot in a month.
A Great Catch at the Children's Museum

This is my first summer as the Better Beaches Coordinator, so when I'm not at the Children's Museum, I'm busy scheduling events and signing up our Summer Staff to work on the weekends (I call it a leadership opportunity). I've been able to work at the Revere Beach Sandcastle Festival, South Boston Neighborhood House Family Literacy Night, Friends of Lynn/Nahant Kids' Event and Concert, and many others. From my previous work with Americorps and City Year, I am really eager to be in different communities and learn how they function. Since I'm a Boston transplant, I've learned a lot about the coastal communities and about the culture of the city.
Summer Staff at South Boston Neighborhood House 

Even though there's only about 3 weeks left of our summer programs, I hope to still have many firsts.

Stay Sandy,
Iris Ayala

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