Friday, August 2, 2013

Dancing at MLK

Today at MLK the Save the Harbor staff and hundreds of other kids around the school were treated to an informative session about health and physical fitness. The session taught us that we should follow a diet that is not fattening or sugary, and we should exercise regularly whether it be a walk in the park or playing basketball. Exercise should not be a a boring chore but rather something fun to do while hanging out with friends. The MLK Summer program taught us that not only should we strive towards financial security but also have a healthy lifestyle.

The MLK crew

The highlight of the day was the dance session we had. There was an important man from Caab Dance Studios that helped everyone find their inner groove. We all had a blast because we had so much fun with the different dance moves that he showed us, along with the pumped up music. The dance session got everyone up and moving, so that was solid evidence that we could all have fun while exercising. Not only that, myself and my fellow MLK Summer Scholars are all paid through John Hancock so we essentially got paid to dance and have fun!

The hectic dance scene


Vinh Tran

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