Friday, August 2, 2013

Great Pictures from Camp Harbor View

Here are a few pictures that I think are great pictures taken at Camp Harbor View. We take tons of great pictures every summer and not all of them make it to the blog. So, I thought I would spotlight Camp Harbor View and put up some pictures that I think everyone should see. There's always fun and new things going on out at Camp Harbor View and a picture is a good way to tell what is happening. Enjoy the pictures and I hope this blog gets people influenced to put up more great pictures from their sites that have not been on the blog.

Excited for Fishing

Slip n' Slide in the rain

A Leader in Training showing a crab caught with a fishing rod

A view of dock from the Great Hall

Campers and Will Conroy walking down to explore the beach

Campers and a L.I.T looking for Asian Shore Crabs

Manny Dejesus, Tom Rebula and Will Clark walking on the dock
-Will Clark

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