Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family Fun Night at Carson Beach

A few of our Touch Tank stars

On Thursday evening, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay participated in Family Fun Night, a community event organized by the South Boston Neighborhood House. Touch tank in hand, myself and a handful of summer staffers headed down to Carson Beach to partake in the festivities. And boy was it festive! The event was held near the bathhouse and there were a variety of activities for kids to participate in, from face painting to boat rides to Castle Island to Zumba classes, there was no shortage of fun for all the kids and their families. Save the Harbor was there with a touch tank full of sea critters: sea stars, green crabs, red rock crabs, spider crabs and, of course, Larry the Lobster. Even with all the other fun activity choices around, the STH Touch Tank always had a crowd of kids (and adults) waiting to hold Larry or a sea star.

Double thumbs up for Family Fun Night!
Watching the kids’ faces upon seeing Larry was like watching a short movie and you could see the wide range of emotions that they were feeling. The initial facial expression was usually of surprise/terror; then they would peek out from behind their parent’s leg and slowly their curiosity would get the better of them. We’d assure them that Larry’s claws were rubberbanded and he couldn’t hurt them and they would cautiously inch closer and closer. Finally, they would poke at Larry’s carapace, and seeing that Larry was indeed not able to pinch them, they would put their whole hand on him and a huge grin of accomplishment and excitement would appear on their faces. It was great to see kids exploring new things and stepping out of their comfort zones and I’m glad Save the Harbor was there to provide that opportunity.

 -Sarah C

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