Friday, August 2, 2013

Thank You, Mother Nature!

Week 4.
Hey everyone, it's Nhu.
This is my second week back with Piers Park and what can I say? I am incredibly happy! What made me even happier about this week was not only getting a chance to be back at Piers Park and seeing the kids, but also the weather this week has been beautiful. Beautiful weather means more crabs, and more crabs means more fun for the kids! What I like about this site is that I begin to form bonds with the kids. It's crazy what one week can do, which is why I get so ecstatic and cheerful when I know a camper is coming back. 

This week at Piers Park we caught two lobsters and a full bucket of crabs. I'm just hoping that by the end of this summer I will get to witness a fish being caught here at Piers Park. It makes me so happy seeing how excited and jumpy the kids get when they catch one crab. I wonder how they will react when they actually catch a fish! I don't know, but I sure know that it will be one of the moments they will never be able to forget.

Piers Park: Dolphin, Dolphin, Whale

As much as I love Piers Park I still have to show some love for the kids at the McDonough Sailing Center. At McDonough, I am now apparently known to some as July (long story). I've formed a really good bond with many of the kids there. I've been with them since Day 1 till now which has been about 4 weeks now. I know that's a short period of time but in just those four weeks we got to experience many things together such as; catching crabs, getting pinched by crabs, fishing (actually catching a fish), scavenger hunts, oh yea! and of course keeping an eye out for "Bucket Hat Man" and much more! The kids are really friendly, cool, they always are full of energy and ready to go fishing and crabbing when I see them. Which always gives me an awesome feeling and it never gets old.

Talking to the kids at McDough :)

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