Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family Fun!

Nico holding a sea star

Hey folks, Kiauna here..
 Recently I went to Family Fun Night at Carson Beach and I had a blast. I even made a new friend who goes by the name of Nico. Nico requested that I take a picture of him and show it to all of my friends. Attention all friends: Look at the picture above, please. Thank you. 

Holding a crab!

Okay, I have a confession, everyone. I'd worked at STH/STB for 4 weeks when I went to this event and it was my first time holding a crab! Shocking, right? I don't know how but I always managed to get out of holding one. If we pulled crab traps I would just encourage the kids to pick the crabs up themselves. As part of my job I try to convince kids that holding a crab isn't scary and that if they hold it properly it won't pinch them. I figured it was time to stop being a hypocrite and take my own advice. I put my big girl pants on, dove my hand into the touch tank, and before I knew it, a crab was in my hand! Give the girl a prize, someone!

Zumba at Carson! Check out Myriam and Sarah Bailey!

To my surprise, there was a Zumba instructor at the event. I thought hot dogs, slushies, and kids were exciting. I was ecstatic about having the opportunity to do Zumba for the first time. I had always wanted to try! Not only did I do something I'd never done before, I did two things I had never done before.

- Rebel, be a leader, stay golden

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