Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hula Hooping with the Staff

       Hey guys, it's Thi! Yesterday was a day of firsts!
       During lunch, we got into the sports equipment and found our tiny hula hoops. Of course, Bridget and I started to find other ways to have fun with the hula hoops since we couldn't actually hula hoop since we were too big of children. I was having a blast jumping rope with the hula hoop.

A picture of me in action!
        Once I had roped in the elusive Bridget Foley, the courageous Carolyn joined to make it a trio. Our maritime historian just had to join in the fray and squeezed himself into the last few open spaces of the hula hoop. That's FOUR people in a very small hula hoop.

David, me, Carolyn, then Bridget
       I also went fishing with Bridget Foley on her last day out of the office. We had a blast with the Vine Street kids - shout out to Jakai, Rommer and Genesis!!
       I had such a fun time yesterday and I can't wait for All Access next week!

Have fun,

Thi Tran

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