Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Night at Carson Beach

On Thursday Night, Save the Harbor/Save the Bay participated in Family Fun Night at Carson Beach. This event was ran by the South Boston Neighborhood House. As a participant in the event, STH/STB brought a touch tank to show some of our many underwater creatures which have been locally caught at one of our sites. In the touch tank, we had Larry the Lobster, green crabs, spider crabs, red rock crabs, and a few sea stars.
A sample of our touch tank

 When we arrived at Carson Beach, the event was already in full swing! There were lots of activities for families to do. Activities ranged from Zumba dancing and face painting to seeing our awesome touch tank and learning about the marine life that live in Boston Harbor.

Here I am with one of the brave kids who wanted to hold Larry.
After our touch tank was set up, the groups of kids and adults were excited to see what Save the Harbor had in their touch tanks. All the kids were happy to see the crabs and the sea stars. Most of the kids even volunteered to hold them. When we showed kids Larry the Lobster we saw various reactions. Some of the kids would run away scared, some would walk slowly up to Larry to touch his shell, then we had the kids who were so excited that they wanted to hold Larry.

We always told the kids and adults that Larry's claws were banded.  Larry couldn't use his claws, so they would not get hurt. The best part of the event was seeing how happy the kids were and watch how they kept wanting to learn more about the marine life in our tank.
Here is one of the many excited kids we saw throughout the event.



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