Saturday, August 3, 2013

Family Fun Night

Family Fun Night in Southie was awesome. A lot of the kids that showed up were all really excited and they were all interested in what we were showing. There was this adorable little boy who said he wanted to become a marine biologist. The boy was really interested in what we had brought and he was asking really good questions. He made everyone there smile because of his excitement over marine biology. The event was full of cool people showing other interesting sea animals and shells and they were explaining everything.

Me And Mae at Family Night

At the event, my very good friend from McDonough Sailing Center, Mae, was there with her brother and her mom. Mae was really excited that Save the Harbor was there and she was very interested in what we were doing. The kids at the site were all really interested and most of them were brave enough to touch Larry, the giant lobster. Before the event, I was not sure what to expect, but it was really fun and all the kids were enjoying themselves. All our attractions were awesome and by the looks of the kids they all enjoyed it.

Me and KiKi

This week at Piers Park was really different and cool. "The man with the boat" A.K.A Mr. Martin was so nice that he let us go on his sailboat. All the kids did something that they had never done and they were all very excited to be on the boat. Mr.Martin was so cool that he let the kids paddle his little dinghy that was attached to his big sailboat. Today we also had pizza from Blaine and Alex's dad which just made the day even cooler than it was before. This week I caught another fish at McDonough Sailing. It's the second fish that I've caught.

Mr.Martin, Corey, Blaine, Donavan, Alex, Jack and Me On The Power Sailboat

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