Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fish. Catch. Release.

Hey Readers,

        I'm back from a very long weekend-- it's good to be back! Yesterday was like any other day, except with more heat! The children were vivacious, energetic, and excited as always, nothing changed! And best of all we finally caught fish!

 All of the children were so inquisitive and asked so many questions about the creatures! Every time a first timer or someone who is visiting again comes you can see their eager face, anxious to go fishing and crabbing.
Hung holding 2 Green crabs

Sam holding a fish he caught
 Today, Save the Harbor/ Save the Bay crew and I CAUGHT FIVE FISH (on a rod finally!) Actually, Sam caught them, but we helped! I was so proud of Sam when he caught the huge Stripe Bass at the Pier. Seeing his elated face and the look of astonished parents witnessing their seven year old son catch a fish that  teenagers (10 years older) couldn't have caught was priceless!
Sam and his Prize ( a Stripe Bass)
                                              Peace, Love, and Happiness,
                                                                    Anicia Gillespie


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