Thursday, August 1, 2013

Met People From Different Places

This boy caught a big fish.

Hi, everyone. Today, we worked at the Children's Museum. We had a lot of fun. We brought all the supplies from the Children's Museum. We set up two crab traps. We met a family that are traveling from Korea. They came to the Children's Museum to fish and crab with us yesterday. Today, they came to the Children's Museum again. They were fishing and crabbing. They caught four fish with a rod. They helped us pull up two crab traps. They were so excited. They took a lot of pictures of us. 

This boy was fishing.

We told them about our job. We told them where the crabs came from and how to tell if the crab was male or female. A child in that family caught a big fish by himself. He was happy. We met another family from France. Their child caught a fish. Some of the children saw the crabs and fish. Some of them were fishing. At the end, we threw crabs and fish back to the ocean. 
See you tomorrow, Hung.

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