Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Return Of Jack

This Monday, one of my favorite kids returned to Piers Park and it made me very happy. This kid's name is Jack and he has been coming to Save the Harbor's Harbor Explorers for five years and every year he comes back more excited. Jack is hard working and always ready to learn and teach others. This week Jack was of great help because he was helping kids when they asked for help. I admire Jack's enthusiasm and his work ethic really inspires me to come to work everyday and be excited.

Jack and Evi

Tomorrow, Tuesday, is a big day for us at McDonough Sailing Center because the board of executives are coming for a site visit. I'm not nervous at all because I believe that me and my team are great workers and we are just going to do what we do everyday. Tuesday I get to show them what we are all about and how we and the kids are all really close and love being around each other. These kids are the reason why I work and tomorrow the board gets to see what we are all about and how the kids are around Save the Harbor people.

Bruce And The Board

The Kids Helping This Man Fill Up His Boat
Tuesday went great. The Board showed up and we just did what we always do. We interacted with the kids and helped them go fishing and catch crabs. We also caught lobsters and one of them was too big to keep so we had to release him back in the ocean. When the Board was here I was really comfortable and the kids were all enthusiastic and showed great appreciation for what we do. All of the Save the Harbor employees work really hard and yesterday we had the opportunity  to show them what we are all about. The kids are all very into the Save the Harbor part of the day because we really help them learn and they have fun at the same time. Hearing from Patty herself that we all work really hard and she appreciates our work ethic and our hard work everyday was something really motivational to hear. That just made me want to work harder and be more involved with all the kids.
The Man Heading Towards His Big Boat

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