Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Tale From The Proud Fishermen

This week I caught my third fish at McDonugh and was it really exciting to have all of the kids run up to me and ask for advice. The kids were all really happy that I caught a fish because we rarely catch fish over here. I was really proud of myself because I never thought I would be able to catch another fish. This week has been a great week for me because I got to work and go to a Red Sox game with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Mentoring Program. I love sports and I love my job and to be able to have a day were I can enjoy both is really awesome. This week has been one of my favorite weeks in the summer and from here things are all just looking up. I'm really proud of the kids because after we caught the fish they were all interested about the fish's health and how he would survive. They asked really good questions and only wanted what was best for the fish. I love this site and I could not have asked for a better team leader or group of kids to work with.

The Fish I Caught With Mae

Us Playing Beach Bingo
This week I also get to go to the Family Fun Night at Carson Beach on Thursday and I'm hoping to enjoy myself. This is something new for me but I'm really open to this and I know I'm going have a great day. I hope it will be a great way to end the week by working in a different location and seeing how others interact with kids. I had a great week and next week I'm only hoping to have a better week then I had this week. Maybe I'll catch two fish next week and maybe it will be bigger than the one I caught this week. Even though its hard to catch fish I'm going to stay optimistic and be grateful for everything that we have done and what we could achieve. These kids really motivate me to work hard and always have a positive attitude.

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