Friday, August 2, 2013

Fun Games with Fun Friends !

Matt and Shavya checking out the contents of their nets
Hey everyone, Manny here! Just wanted to share this awesome picture of my friends Shavya and Matt closely examining the the tiny minnows they caught on there exploration around Blacks Creek. Some of the kids were lucky enough to catch other aquatic creatures such as crabs, small American eels, shrimp and muscles. Matt in particular had a sharp eye for catching minnows, which was surprising because of how small they were and how fast they move in the water. 

Luckily other kids found other interesting things such as shells of odd color and shape and even a bunch of clams! The day went by very smoothly and everyone had caught a bunch of stuff before it came to an end. The kids enjoyed themselves a lot, especially Matt and Shavya. They even told there parents to recommend Save The Harbor/ Save The Bay to their friends and family! It was a very remarkable day indeed for the Save The Harbor/ Save The Bay team and the young harbor explorers of North Quincy! This is only the beginning to what the save the harbor staff have in store for the bright children of blacks creak ! 

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