Sunday, July 31, 2022

Accessing All Access

 This past month at All Access was one of the best summers in the past few years. The amount of engagement I experienced with all different people was a good experience for me. I really enjoyed the fact that every day at All Access was a different group of kids and adults. I really liked that variety because every day was a different experience and a different conversation. What we did when we went to our sites was go on free ferry rides to Spectacle/George's island and we brought people on walks and helped some of them with fishing. I have grown a lot closer with my group and will miss them when groups switch after today. 

There have been a lot of good moments in the moments I have been working in this group. I really enjoy just meeting new people and this job gives me the opportunity to do just that. Working with kids is also another highlight of the workday. I have never liked working with kids because in my previous experience they were always so awful. Fortunately, these kids that I have been working with have been super fun and make my job to interact with them a whole lot better. One of my favorite experiences with these kids is on the most recent fishing trip. I met a kid named Elijah and was basically his fishing partner on the boat. He was a very wholesome kid and I can tell he had a passion for fishing. I was telling him this whole time that he would be the first one to catch a fish on this boat and he was. I can tell the level of his excitement when he pulled it up and it is one of my favorite moments. He claimed that I was his good luck charm and even asked for a picture afterward. My experience at All Access was honestly very good and I am excited for the next group to experience it.

As always, see you at the harbor.
                - Patrick Chen

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