Monday, July 11, 2022

First week at SHSB

Hello people, 

    This is Sid. This is my first year at SHSB, and I'm really excited about it. No one else I know has worked here before, so it's super interesting to work in this place I know nothing about. This is my first job, but it all seems to be working out fine. The staff at SHSB are fresh out of a year of Zoom calls, so it seems like everyone is also adjusting to this new outdoor schedule as well. Unfortunately for me, this means I get the most tanned I will probably be ever, but it's still enjoyable. 

    Last week was orientation week, where the staff introduced us to our basic schedule. On Wednesday, we went to Spectacle Island, and David told us about the fascinating history of how the island used to be a giant trash dump. Then we walked around on the beaches (I forgot to bring sandals so I got a lot of sand in my shoes) and went swimming. 

    On Thursday, we went on a boat to go fishing and look at crab traps. I had never done either, and David once again gave us a history lesson about the Boston Harbor. Despite the fishing trip is quite fun, it gave me a cold that has still persisted. I did get to meet new people and made friends there, however. Finally, on Friday, SHSB along with other waterfront organizations hosted a Beach Bash which was also super fun. There was kayaking, beach volleyball, and a food truck. The water was also the perfect temperature, due to that day being blisteringly hot. 

This week was essentially more of the same, except working with kids a lot more. On Wednesday, I returned to Spectacle Island, with a bunch of kids in tow. While my group did beach walks with them, another group showed them how to fish. On Thursday, I ended up going with the wrong group due to some bad timing and went to George's Island. It was still a blast, however, and I got to see a giant fort and helped more kids fish. Friday was much more of a chill day, as I was reunited with the right group and we stayed near the harbor, teaching kids to fish again. We also played Sharks and Minnows with them, and one kid kept dropping his hat while running.

That's all that happened this week. I really look forward to working more with SHSB, and my first week was exhilarating.

Until next week,

- Sid

This crab refused to let go of our bait
Team fishing

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