Sunday, July 24, 2022

The crabs are always greener on the harbor side

  WEEK 3 of Camp Harbor View fishing, we’ve now caught 2 skates a flounder and a sea bass and a total of about half a billion green crabs aswell as Rick catching a rare sea rope in a competition me and him had during one of the transition periods. We honestly thought that the line was just stuck or something of that nature he kept reeling and then pulls up a mossy rope most likely from the construction people that was over there doing maintenance under the Pierre.

We also had another beach bash at Carson that I attended last week it was a fun experience since that was technically my first beach bash that I attended in my life, aswell as hanging out with my friends Harry and Rick playing football and basketball. Aswell as enjoying the time with kids answering questions abt marine creatures and help teaching them hold the crabs aswell as the jokes they made it was a really enjoyable experience! 

Some facts about our recent catches is starting off with the skate, apart of the family Rajidae and commonly mistaken with manta rats the major difference between the two is the whip like tail and kite shape of the manta ray while the skate has more of a fleshier tail with no spine. They’re also different with defensive techniques the mantra ray uses it’s stinging spines/ barbs for predators while the skate uses its thorns on its back and tails aswell as the different sizes and variations of each species. The green crab is one of the most common species of invasive sea creature in the harbor. Invasive since the green crab did not originate here in Boston brought over by accident from Europe. Learning about the life in the harbor can help us save it! 



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