Monday, July 18, 2022

First Week

    Hello everyone! You can call me Patrick but I love nicknames so call me whatever you'd like. I recently graduated from Boston Latin Academy and will attend Bentley University next year. I live between the border of downtown Boston and Chinatown. In my free time, I like to work out at the gym, play video games, and lie in bed thinking about what went wrong in life, just kidding. I was recommended this job by my good friend Danny Ngyuen who used to work here as well but is not with us anymore. A few things that I'm excited about working at Save the Harbor this summer are meeting new people, visiting more areas of Boston that I have never seen myself, and learning more generally about the Boston Harbor and the creatures that reside there. 

    I was not here on Wednesday but I did have a lot of fun Thursday. I am a part of one of the All Acess groups and on Thursday we set out to George's Island it was super exciting because it was my first time ever being there. I learned many fun things about that island thanks to the amazing tour that David gave us. It is so interesting to me that a few hundred years ago, those very same buildings we were in were housed by hundreds of people. I found it fascinating that the whole fort used to be lined up with cannons bigger than the size of most cars. It was also great to watch kids interact with the sea creatures at the fishing dock after the tour. I can tell that some of the kids really had a lot of fun with the way they were interacting with everyone. 

    Overall my experience working here so far has been super positive and full of energy. I got a feel for the energy during orientation but I am glad that the energy remained this week. I look forward to the next few weeks and I'm sure that more exciting things will happen in that time. I am traveling for the next week however so I will miss next week which is a little sad to me but I'm positive I would've enjoyed it. This is a job that I wouldn't mind waking up early for. I met a lot of new people and learned many new things and am looking forward to when I come back. 


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