Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The History of Our Water!

Hi everyone!! 

Wow, two weeks have already gone by! It has been so much fun being at Piers Park as we have been fishing, doing touch tanks, activities, and playing games! Not to mention, Piers Park does kayaking, sailing and boating, which is super exciting as well. The kids have been so eager to go fishing; we’ve caught a Mackerel and a few small Cunner fish so far. We catch so many crabs every day! On Tuesday we caught 4 HUGE lobsters on the fishing trip with Courageous; one was so big we couldn't even keep it!
It’s rewarding to be able to go out everyday and relay information I have learned from programming here. I would have never known about all of the islands surrounding the harbor, let alone the species that are in there that we catch all the time! Every day I meet new kids who I teach about the harbor, who also teach me as well! I’m always learning something new.
Being able to explore and enjoy the harbor in so many ways really makes you think about how much the harbor has changed.

I remember my first All Access Boston Harbor trip with David, where he always discusses the history of Spectacle Island. He began his story the same way he always does, “Would you believe me if I told you that this harbor used to be a trash dump?!” Hearing about how Spectacle Island was a burning pile of trash for 10 years is so surprising, even 5 years later! The Sewage Treatment Plant, that was put in place to remove the trash from in the harbor, exposed me to the reality of how much transformation has been done. 

Just recently, I went to Deer Island for the first time, and got to learn some of the inner workings of how the fertilization of human waste works. Cleaning the harbor, making these islands more accessible and less dirty, and allowing people to use and go out into the harbor daily, is not where people thought the harbor would be today. I can’t wait to be back at Piers next week to continue to fish and catch species in the crab trap. I love meeting new kids each week and seeing those who are familiar and unfamiliar with the harbor! 

Sea you next week! Aleena :)

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