Monday, July 25, 2022

Week 3: A Torching Blast

Back here for week 3, it’s Ché again. Every week just keeps getting better and better. You can tell the kids are having more fun and getting more comfortable with fishing and touching the animal we put in the touch tank. With the touch tank these kids are way more brave than I am, they are willing to touch and pick up any animal that goes into the tank. Especially the spider crabs. When we catch spider crabs, the kids go crazy and want to pick up the biggest one. We still have only caught one fish at Piers Park but we are hoping to catch more.

1 of the 2 species I will be talking about is the spider crab, we get about 7 everyday and the spider crabs are huge. They live very deep under the water where they can camoflouge and blend in with the ocean ground. They live up to 50-100 years. These crabs are really calm and are unable to swim so they spend most of their time just crawling on the ocean bed. Another species is European green crabs which are invasive. They can decimate shellfish populations, displace native crabs, and damage eelgrass and salt marsh habitats. They eat clams , mussels , oysters and marine worms. These crabs move extremely fast and are super aggressive. These crabs are so bad because it outcompetes local species in harbors.
But to conclude this fun week , I just want to let you guys know I had a blast and everyone that interacted with us did too , so I hope to see you soon and hope to see you come enjoy summer with us.

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