Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Year 1

 Hey everyone, my name is Rickenson but most call me Rick or Ricky. This is my first year with Save the Harbor and I'm definitely very excited. I'm currently a rising senior at Boston Latin Academy, and I love contributing to group activities and to communities. Some of my hobbies include watching/playing sports (all types), video games, cooking/eating, and working out. I'm also a tv show enthusiast and watch all kinds of shows from animes to those cringy vampire shows on Netflix. I'm a part of the football team at BLA (go dragons), and I love listening to music.

I've always loved nature and the environment, and one of the biggest reasons I chose to go to STH was because it involved the environment. I'm currently with the Camp Harbor View group, and we help kids with fishing. Although I'm not the best with the water, I love the animals and creatures, especially the crabs, and I've learned quite a lot about them. I can tell what type of crab a crab is, and I  can also tell if they're female or male. I learned that green crabs and Asian shore crabs are both invasive species, and the spider crabs and jonah crabs are both native.

My time at Camp Harbor View has been great. I love the energy the campers and staff bring over there and they're all into the fishing and harbor life. My favorite part is probably the crab trap and seeing the new crabs we catch. Unfortunately no fish yet, and we probably won't see any for a while, but the crabs are fine and the kids over there love the crabs. I'm excited for the next week and the rest of the summer.

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