Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Harbor Experience

 This first week was fun and a new experience for me, learning new interesting facts about the harbor such as how it was a trash dump for 50 plus years to become one of the cleanest harbors in the country. Visiting the different harbor islands, learning each island's background story, and knowing the different meanings for each island. Seeing new people and creating new relationships with people from the camps and seeing them happy to be at the harbor islands. Seeing them happy makes me feel good on the inside because that’s telling me we are doing something right.

Learning how to travel through the MBTA is also a great experience because it can be hard traveling to places that you don’t visit often. Also creating new relationships with your team and talking to new people with different cultural backgrounds was also a great experience that happened this past week. The main thing that was important to me this past week was taking different programs on tours on the different islands and seeing them interested in actually learning about the place makes this job so much easier. Seeing people asking questions about the different artifacts and seeing them excited to be here to learn more about the islands is a cool thing to see.

Also spending more time interacting with different people made me come out of my comfort zone which is a good thing because it will help me become a better co-worker and a better leader. As well as trying to be a good role model to these kids and try to make them better people once they start getting older so they can be an example to the younger generation after them. The great thing about this job is that you can be great mentors to these young kids and help them develop in all aspects.  You can connect with them by having constant fun activities so they can be interested in what their doing, Starting small conversations with the kids can lead to strong friendships and they can end up looking up to you as a role model. That is the most rewarding part of this job because you can impact other kids' lives in a huge way.

See ya at the harbor
From Simon

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