Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Sailing through week two!

What’s up my sea lovers, it’s Che here letting y’all know about my second week. It feels as if each week gets better and better , you get better bonds and connections with the kids when majority of the time either playing games or helping them fishing. This week we caught our first fish at piers park , the fish we caught was a Mackerel , after we celebrated our catching of the fish we threw it back in the ocean where he can enjoy the rest of his life in the sea. 


Each day the kids are very happy and excited to see the new crabs we catch in the crab trap. the kids get super exited when they see these big ol spider crabs , they lowkey freak me out as well , these kids are fearless of these crabs are just so eager to pick them up and they are also so eager to learn about them which is very nice. When we catch a bunch of crabs they love to give them each names

A lot of you may not know but this Harbor has a lot of history such as the Tea party , back then they dropped all the tea into the harbor but now the Tea party doesn’t exist because of the all the extensive Landfills that destroyed the location, also for spectacle island their is legit sea glass that you can grab from the shore or sand , I do believe it is forbidden to take glass off the island though. And most of the all the harbor was used a trash can . All the trash was put into the harbor and eventually to clean it , they burned the whole harbor / trash. Which took a long time to burn but because it burned the harbor was cleaned and believe it or not Boston harbor is one of the cleanest ones in the world.


Can’t wait to kick it on the harbor with you,


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