Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Back again , YEAR 3 !

Hey sea creatures it’s your favorite here, Ché. 

I know this summer is going to be a blast. My first week working was fun and very exciting. I have been a member for Save The Harbor for about 3 years. I can say that this is an experience I wish everyone can have. We go fishing, boat riding, explore the harbor,and go on a bunch of team/staff trips.

I’m super ecstatic to be back with all my co workers/friends. This job has suprised me with new friends and bonds I never expected to have. Every year the program has such nice and fun people. Throughout my years at STH I've learned alot, but I can’t wait to learn more about the harbor and explore it further. I really enjoy being out on the water with such a great program.

The location I have been assigned to is Piers Park in East Boston with Fatima. Let me tell you, teaching kids how to fish and having lessons for the kids to learn is amazing. The kids there are always so excited to touch crabs and go fishing off the doc. Each year I am reminded of how much fun I also have fishing, setting up crab traps, and programming at different sites on the Harbor. I'm so excited to see how fun the rest of the summer will be!!

Hopefully I see YOU on the water! 

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