Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Year 2 on the Harbor!

 Hello again, ocean enthusiasts. My name is Albert, and this will be my second year at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay. I enjoy looking at and holding harbor creatures and I'm excited to be spending another summer at Save the Harbor / Save the Bay.

This is me!

I am part of Fatima’s group, and we spend our time teaching kids to fish, as well as showing them some of the critters that end up in our crab trap. It is a nice change of pace from last summer, and it’s always exciting when a kid reels up a spider crab or a skate, and we get to drop it in the touch tank.  The folks at the Piers Park Sailing Center are also great to work with, and I had a great time riding along on one of the sailboats.

Looking forward to working here some more this summer! Here are a few highlights of our week:
- Caught TWO Skates fishing off of the dock
- Found a baby striper checking our crab trap in the morning
- Found an Amphipod burrowed INSIDE of a moon jelly.
Spider Crab we caught

Best Fishes,     Albert

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