Sunday, July 31, 2022

The All Access Journey

This past month in All Acess was an amazing experience for my fellow colleagues and me. Going to Specictle island and Georgia's are always fun places to go to. Teaching kids how to fish and seeing the excitement on their faces always brings joy to the All Access crew members. We would catch a variety of crabs such as green crabs or spiders crabs on the dock. It was always cool to show the kid the different features of the different crabs. Showing the kids the differences between male and female crabs or having them touch the different surfaces of the crabs.

Also, we wouldn't just go to the islands we would do fishing trips with different youth groups and go out on Charlie's boat to fish. We show them how to fish but not only that we would show them the significance of other boats and other historical places in the area. The kids would always have a competition to see who catch a fish first and it was always fun to see them catch the first one. It was always a good time fishing with Charlie.

Working at All Access was truly fun and I would've never guessed that we would be this close to one another. We would always make each other laugh and smile during the times we were together. We would also make other kids laugh and enjoy their time on the harbor islands because we had such a great bond with one another. If we needed help with something we were always there for each other. Being together for most of the days made us get comfortable with each other every day and we created this special bond that made us work even harder. I am going to truly miss this group and the fun moments we had with one other. This past month has been truly amazing and hoping to have many more.

    See yall soon! 

            From Simon 



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