Sunday, July 31, 2022

CHV the place to be

 As I conclude my time with CHV I would like to thank Jaelynne and Maddison for allowing me to mix fun and work. I made a couple of goals at the beginning when I was first assigned CHV I can remember two, knowing the difference between work and fun as well as achieving better social skills. As I head into my new site I can easily say that I have improved as a worker and also as a person thanks CHV.

During our last hustle, we helped the lighthouse kids do paddle boarding. The harbor was cold of course and we had to go into the water in order to secure the paddle boards so they don’t collide with the ground. The objective was to paddle boarding around a blue buoy. Starting from the left go around it come back to shore on the right. I was in charge of Sandys board.

After they finished we were given the option to go paddle boarding and of course, we took it. I’ve never paddle boarded in my life and it was definitely an unforgettable experience. I could barely keep my balance, thank god my pockets were sealed since I had stuff in them. Thankfully not my phone but my clothes did not stop me from getting wet. I have high hopes for my new destination and I hope anyone who gets CHV can enjoy it as much as me. See y’all on spectacle!!!


Maddox Alves

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