Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Clean Up Heroes by Maddox


Maddox here from CHV

Ecosystems in Boston Harbor and neighboring areas provide a multitude of services to society. The environment that we enjoy today is to a large extent a result of the Boston Harbor Cleanup project. Thirty years ago, the harbor was heavily polluted, and costly cleanup activities were motivated by the 1972 Clean Water Act Pollution control and cleanup is a common challenge facing many urban harbors around the world. Under budget constraints, ecosystem restoration projects must pass an efficiency test. In 1972 the Clean Water Act was passed. The Metropolitan District Commission (MDC) applied for a waiver, claiming that the costs of constructing a secondary treatment plant outweighed the benefits. At the time, the MDC was the state agency charged with the operation of the wastewater treatment sites. The EPA failed to act on the waiver, and in 1982 the City of Quincy filed a lawsuit against the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for violating the Clean Water Act . In 1983, the Conservation Law Foundation filed a second lawsuit against the Commonwealth for violating and the EPA for failure to enforce the Clean Water Act- this was the start of the cleanup leading to the harbor we know today!

Touch tank with crabs and a black sea bass from CHV

See you on the pier! 

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