Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Rolling into Week Two!

     This week was the last week for these kids and I had a lot of fun fishing with my team. In this week's blow, I will discuss the harbor's history. I would like to point out that this week we have finally caught a fish called a skate relative to the stingray. Other than that we only caught green crabs and spider crabs which are very common here. Another thing is since it's near an airport there are many planes flying over the camp harbor view and it is pretty awesome.

    Now if you ever decide to head to Camp Harbor View you will see two islands one with egg-looking structures which are Deer island and then spectacle island. They are named that because of the obvious because deer island use to have deers living in it and spectacle island looks like a pair of spectacles from above. Deer island uses a wastewater treatment facility that regulates the construction, management, and costs of Boston sewer services. Now it is a place for visitors and tourists and the pumping system that was used there a while back is still there to look at.

    I'm sad and happy we are getting new kids, but I know it will be just as fun because we will be teaching more future fishers how to fish and teach them the beauty of the harbor and fishing. It makes me so happy to see kids outside enjoying the harbor. I am hoping to work at Camp harbor view for the rest of the summer because everyone there is so nice and fun to be around.

    See you at the Harbor, 


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