Sunday, July 10, 2022

Back for Year Two

 Hello Bloggers. My name is Jaelynne and I am returning to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay for my second summer. After last summer I couldn't wait to come back again this summer. Save the Harbor provided me with so many amazing opportunities and surrounded me with the best coworkers and friends. After just one week back and meeting some new staff members, I can already tell that this summer will be even better than last!

Me on one of many fishing trips in Summer 2021. 

This year, I am working as a Senior Harbor Educator. My group and I will be taking the ferry to work out at Camp Harbor View during the week. Last year with COVID-19 restrictions I was unable to travel to this site or work with such a large staff group. I am very excited to be exploring a new location in the harbor while getting to know many new individuals. Our first few days have been incredible, I cannot wait for what is to come during the remainder of the summer. 

View of Boston skyline from Camp Harbor View on Long Island, Boston Harbor. 

Aside from working at Save the Harbor, I also work as a competitive gymnastics coach. I enjoy coaching because it allows me to remain a part of a sport that played a large role in my life. Each season I get to meet new students and help them work towards varying goals. Although coaching may not always be easy, it is one of the best jobs I have ever had. 

I am really looking forward to this summer surrounded by the most amazing people and learning even more about Boston Harbor!

See you next time,


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