Sunday, August 4, 2013

Event Day

Swimming battle.

Hello everybody,yesterday I went to M Street Beach for an event. I arrived there at 8 am. I met up with my co-workers at the beach. We set up chairs, tables and umbrellas for the competition. The competitors came and signed up, some signed up online and paid online. The competition was to swim for a mile. The competitors started to swim. The life guards went on a boat to the other side for protection. After they finished their mile I had to tell the competitors to check in. A man got first place and a woman got second place. 

They are paddling.

The next competition was paddling. All of the competitors got ready to paddle. Me and my co-workers stood at the finish line to collect the boards. A man and a woman also won first and second place. After that we had an award ceremony for the winners. After the ceremony, my co-workers and I cleaned up and we went home.

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