Monday, August 5, 2013

Red Sox Clinic Event!

Hey guys! So I went to another awesome event this past weekend and it was pretty cool to see some Red Sox baseball players at Fenway Park. Although, I wanted to get an autograph from them and get pictures with them, I took a few from a distance. What I realized about the baseball players is that even though they're celebrities, they are just normal people like me. They were so humble, and funny! They actually had a "bromance" moment too! I also had fun, doing a few physical activities. The trainers got to teach me a few warm ups that the actual Red Sox baseball players do before they play in the field. Here take a look! I learned a few things from this event, always warm up before you play any type of sport so you can be all set once you're performing, and most importantly to stay healthy and in shape!

Its not bye, it's see you later!

- Juelle Benjamin

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