Friday, August 2, 2013

Fishing Tourney Champ

Staff Fishing Tournament

Will here with a delayed shout out to my little brother Jack. Last week we had the Save the Harbor annual fishing tournament, along with some friendly competition. The standards were set high with prizes for those lucky enough to wrangle in the largest Striped Bass and Sea Bass. When I was told we were able to bring a guest I didn't think twice before asking my 11 year old brother. He's been fishing and around the water his entire life, the same as I have. It was a good chance to spend 1-on-1 time with him during this hectic summer.

That morning we met up with the rest of the staff and their guests around 7:30 at Fan Pier. I was so excited and had been waiting for this trip all week. Our luck was good and we landed a spot on the Belle, a fishing charter boat I know well from the CHV fishing trip. Among great staff and crew was the Bay Watcher, my boss Bruce Berman. It made me feel proud introducing Jack to all my coworkers and bosses. That good luck was covered by bad though, as the temperature really cooled down out on the water. The heat index was around 50 and we did not prepare for it to be that cold!

Jack with 1 of 4 his  fish
While other boats were fishing, we were all catching. Our boat caught 30 fish but only one keeper. My little 12in. flounder made the cut and we took it back to show the rest of the group. So that was nice to know I had caught the only keeper, but it was only luck when we have our bait all in the same place! Aside from my catch jack had some to add, he caught a record number of 4 fish that day. The competition was on the size and not the number but since no other boats really caught anything Jacks 4 fish day was good enough to earn him a nice rod. We both had a great time at the tournament and didn't let the weather keep us from doing what we love.

Jack holding one of the stripers caught by some of STHST's supporters

Lines off the rear of the Belle and Will Clark with a fish on
Will Conroy

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