Friday, August 2, 2013

MLK Scholar

Summer 2013 MLK Scholars
In my first every blog post on Sea, Sand, & Sky I just introduced myself. I mentioned that I was part of John Hancock's program to provide inner city kids with summer jobs and now I want to tell more about that.

 I'm glad to be apart of this program and its workshops. Every Friday we go to the Agganis Arena at Boston University and listen to a different guest speaker each week. The first meeting was about goal setting. From that I was motivated to be a Goal Person and not a "GO" person. The speaker explained the choice he made when he was a troubled man in his early twenties, back when he was a GO with the flow kind of person. A GO kind of person just goes along with the group and doesn't really think or make their own choices. While in prison he set his first goal, he wanted his GED. From there he only went up and after a ten year sentence he pursued and obtained a masters degree. That story really put in place the importance of setting goals and is one I have spread among my younger siblings.

I have my own goals, some small and others big. I want to go to the United States Naval Academy but with that comes many small goals. Such as finishing my application, getting recommendations, and nominations. I've set up dates for myself on a calendar as a work plan. From this point on I'm on schedule and have my eyes and heart set on my big goal. It may be a reach but I wont let that stop me from getting my application in front of the admissions board.

Looking forward to tomorrow's workshop at BU alongside my fellow MLK Scholars!

Dumping a Lobster trap with the Scholars at Save the Harbor  

Will Conroy 

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