Friday, July 27, 2012

A Big Day At Castle Island

One of the most exciting things about the Boston Harbor is that you can never be sure what you will find there. On Wednesday, the Harry McDonough Sailing Center was visited by State Senator Jack Hart who represents the 1st Suffolk District,  Ken Kopocis and his his team of community minded civil servants from the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as some massive lobsters our team hauled in from the sugar bowl. Stopping by Castle Island, Senator Hart and Senior Adviser Kopocis' attendance reflects the hard work done by the local non-profit groups and government action on both the state and federal level to clean up the Boston Harbor. The personal efforts these gentlemen and the actions of their institutions have provided a space where marine life can flourish and citizens from all walks of life can enjoy the water. Their meeting also symbolizes a continuing commitment to preserve our cities natural treasures for generations to come. Walking down to the floating docks, Senator Hart and our friends from Washington, DC could see first hand the rewards from the Harbor clean up effort. Local kids could be found swimming off the dock and examining captured marine life from our crab traps. These seemingly simple summer activities would not have been possible decades ago, due to the intense pollution in the Boston Harbor. Thankfully those days are now behind us, with South Boston boasting some of the cleanest urban beaches in the nation. As Ken Kopocis and his coworkers head back with full stomachs, (a Castle Island visit is never complete without a quick visit to Sullivan's) I am confident they will tell their friends in the Capital City about the wicked gargantuan New England lobsters they got to hold and the colorful children that they met in the heart of Boston. The future of the Boston Harbor certainly looks bright as our local and national leaders uphold the promise that everyone should have access to a clean Harbor.


Conor Newman

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